Snowflake types

Unlike other Discord libraries, AckCord doesn’t have one specific snowflake type, instead it uses a type SnowflakeType[A] to refer to something of type A. Most of these types also have aliases, like UserId being an alias for SnowflakeType[User].

Converting to snowflake

To convert a long or string(prefer string) to a snowflake, use the apply method on the companion object. For example: UserId(0L)

You can also use this to “cast” one snowflake type to another. For example: RoleId(guildId).

Raw snowflakes

In some cases it’s not possible to give a concrete type to the snowflake. In those cases RawSnowflake is used instead, an alias for SnowflakeType[Any]. In most cases you’ll have to cast this to what you need yourself.

Channel types

For channels, AckCord will try to use the most specific type possible. In most cases this will work fine, but in some cases you’ll have to cast. As casting is much more common with channel id types, they have a special method asChannelId. To do this, and also help with type inference a bit more.


val channelId: ChannelId = ChannelId(0L)
val c: CacheSnapshot = ???