Making requests

Making requests in the low level happens just as in the high level. Running them is however slighly different. Just like the high level API has RequestsHelper to run requests, The low level API has Requests.

First off, it provides two FlowWithContexts from requests to request answers.

  • flowWithoutRateLimits: A flow that doesn’t follow ratelimits to slow down your streams to the requests. Be careful using this one. I’m not responsible if your bot gets banned for not following the ratelimits.
  • flow: Your normal flow that does what you would expect. It can also be configured using implicit RequestProperties. Using these you can make it
    • Use ordered execution for all requests that goes in.
    • Retry failed requests.

There are also a lot of helpers to deal with common tasks like:

  • sinkIgnore: Sink that runs the requests and ignores the result.
  • flowSuccess: Flow that only returns successful requests.
  • single: Creates a source containing a single request answer from a request.
  • many: Creates a source containing a many request answer from many request.